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Private personal training is a great option if:

  • If you have a very specific goal that you are trying to attain
  • if you prefer to work alone and are not motivated by nor enjoy working out with others
  • if you are recovering from a recent injury
  • if you want specialized attention from the trainer

TEAM training is a great option if you:

  • are looking to lose weight, move better, feel better and get in better shape
  • enjoy working in groups
  • are motivated by others
  • are looking to develop healthy friendships with like-minded individuals
  • have a spouse or friend(s) that you are wanting to share your time with
Active Evolution Fitness embraces an environment where the only person you have to keep up with is yourself. Everyone is at a different stage of their fitness journey, and each individual should feel proud of themselves each time they step into AEF as they are taking one more step towards leading a healthy lifestyle.
You will want to bring with you a water bottle and a sweat towel. We do have a water bottle refill station to refill your bottle. You can also purchase a bottle of water at the front desk for $1.
No matter which training option you choose, necessary modifications are made to any and all exercises to meet the needs of each individual. Whether it is due to an injury or due to varying fitness levels, modifications will be made to ensure the safety and effectiveness of any and all exercises for each individual.
You should wear clothing that is comfortable to move and sweat in. I encourage everyone to have a good pair of tennis shoes, comfortable shorts/capris/pants that are made of a moisture-wicking material, and a tank top or t-shirt that is breathable and moisture wicking. I discourage sweat pants and jeans. I do strongly encourage women to wear a sports bra as it is necessary for support during activity and more comfortable than a regular bra.
Yes, there is a men’s and a women’s locker room with showers available for all AEF clients.