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Welcome to Active Evolution Fitness…where we are actively pursuing the integration of body, mind, and spirit!

Often times, you get stuck, lost, and discouraged on your road to improving your health.  It is easy to do. We all lead very busy lives.  We have kids, families, work, commutes, social lives and with only 24 hours in a day, how do we fit it all in?  We all seem to manage to make it work.  The one big piece of the equation that we are leaving out is ourselves, YOU.  Without YOU, there is nothing else.  So why is it that we as an individual are the one that we are not willing or able to “fit” in?  The truth is, it is not about “fitting” ourselves into our busy schedules…you must MAKE time for YOU. 

Let Active Evolution Fitness show you how you can make time for yourself while enjoying life to the fullest.

Stoked to have met Nicole – I have had many, many personal trainers but she by far was the very best I have ever had the pleasure of working with! Took my injuries into consideration and was always positive. Love her!
Tamela Cantor
Nicole makes me want to get up in the morning and come workout. I would never do it if I had a regular gym membership. Nicole knows my physical limit and always has a modified version for me if needed. You couldn’t ask for a better trainer or friend. Plus I have met some really great people.
Robin Stasi Regan
Nicole is wonderful. She pushes us to go beyond our perceived limits. She is really good at adjusting workouts for different fitness levels. After three years, I am stronger and in great shape. Thanks Nicole!
Cindy Hooker