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Private Personal Training

Private Personal Training gives you the opportunity to work one on one with a Certified Personal Trainer. Each training session is all about you. All workouts and discussion topics are specific to you, your body and your goals. During each session, you can expect to learn about and complete exercises and movements designed specifically for your goals and ability level, all while continuing to be motivated, encouraged, and challenged by your trainer as you gain control of your health and fitness. Private Personal Training is a great option if you are recovering from an injury, looking to attain a very specific fitness goal, are new to fitness, or prefer to work alone. Come chat with us about what you want to achieve!

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Team Training

Team Training is a great way to improve and maintain your health and fitness while working alongside fellow trainees who are looking to achieve similar results! You will receive workouts, nutrition guidance, and behavioral changes customized for the Team with specific modification for each individual at a fraction of the cost. Not to mention, you will have continuous support, encouragement, and accountability from the trainer and other team members! Team Training is for those who enjoy working in small groups. Teams average 3-4 people, allowing for the trainer to provide individualized attention to each member. There are multiple Team Training sessions offered throughout the week. Contact us to find out which Team would be best for you!!

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Group Personal Training

Group Personal Training is ideal for those who are currently or have previously been physically active. Group Training is a fun, non-traditional workout suitable for all ability levels. You will experience a wide range of activities and movements to improve your strength, endurance, flexibility, and balance in a friendly, challenging, non-intimidating setting. Group Training is not a hardcore, chanting, yelling scary environment. Trainees enjoy playing games, working with partners, having small competitions, and pushing one another to challenge themselves and overcome what obstacles or fears may be in the way. Come try a session and see for yourself!

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Active Evolution Fitness appreciates your business and is committed to making your time here something to be talked about. Tell your friends and family how happy and successful you are and have been! For each person you refer who signs up for services at Active Evolution Fitness, you will receive one 60 Minute Private Personal Training session.