25 Things I am Thankful for – Fitness Edition #23 90% Dark Chocolate

2013-11-14 14.30.30

I’ll be completely honest…I love sweets.  Since we all know sweets are not nutritionally beneficial, I choose dark chocolate to help curb my cravings.  There has been a lot of talk in the recent years about the health benefits of dark chocolate but what many people don’t understand is that a product is not healthy and beneficial just because is says dark chocolate.  Most products that contain dark chocolate also contain a number of other processed ingredients that are unhealthy.  In order to reap the benefits from the dark chocolate, it is suggested that you eat 65% dark chocolate or higher.  The darker the better.  The fewer ingredients and the less processed, the better.  I personally prefer 90% dark chocolate which contains almost zero sugar.  When I first started eating dark chocolate, I was eating 72% dark.  I slowly worked my way up to 90%.  It can be unappealing to many, but overtime, your tastes buds can adapt and your desire for that sweetness diminishes.

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